The Queer Political is Geopolitical

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Guest author Tamar Shirinian is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Millsaps College

This month, major cities throughout the U.S. will hold annual gay pride events: parades followed by parties throughout the night and weekend. These kinds of celebrations – for rights (to marriage, for example) and especially for LGBT visibility – make up domestic claims to freedom. According to these rhetorics, by providing visible space and time for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people to take pride in their worlds, the U.S. is on the proper path toward civilizational progress. As such, gay pride, its ideological and cultural attachments to a certain kind of good life, should be contextualized within geopolitics.

Yes, geopolitics. The queer political has become geopolitical. This U.S. practice of attaching nationalist ideals of liberty and freedom to homosexuality is now well known within queer anthropology as well as wider queer…

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For the Artist

My corner in my studio is not a mere corner. It is me. I am born every time my brush touches the palette and caresses your body to fuse my inner self in you. You are born every time I am born. Every time I pour my sentiments on you. You become real and you become me. I become you.

I am not the painter, I am my painting.

Pour my glass and get me drunk with every gulp which brings me to you. I will forever die in this corner, forever live, relive, be born, become you.

photo by Krikor Avessian
work by Krikor Avessian


Oh My Paint

I paint.

I pain(t) on my whiteness until all fade to black. Until my shadows find a place to elongate. My hands are stiff once holding my brush but my fingers are lenient and are able to flush away all the awe not yet put on my canvas, not yet colorized, not yet pain(t)ed.

We all fade to black, black is a color, I am longing for my own color in black.

photo credit: Kevork Kojayan
photo credit: Kevork Kojayan