Champak in Japan

its been a while I didn’t update my page with information about what is going on here in Japan and specially in Tokyo. Today is a good day, i guess.

We were informed that typhoon is hitting Japan (tonight) and we better stay inside and not to go out. It’s me and my pad now. I will write about my university a little bit. I am studying at Musashino art University. Which is pretty known and famous in Tokyo beside their rival university Tama. At MAU ( Musashino Art university) which is known as Musabi, I am at the science of design department. I am supervised under two professors Kobayashi and Bando. Both are highly professional designers. We have also another professor the creator of Muji stores prof. Hara. I will be honest with some points to compare my German university with the Musabi. Here is awesome. Period.

What i…

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The Queer Political is Geopolitical

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Guest author Tamar Shirinian is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Millsaps College

This month, major cities throughout the U.S. will hold annual gay pride events: parades followed by parties throughout the night and weekend. These kinds of celebrations – for rights (to marriage, for example) and especially for LGBT visibility – make up domestic claims to freedom. According to these rhetorics, by providing visible space and time for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people to take pride in their worlds, the U.S. is on the proper path toward civilizational progress. As such, gay pride, its ideological and cultural attachments to a certain kind of good life, should be contextualized within geopolitics.

Yes, geopolitics. The queer political has become geopolitical. This U.S. practice of attaching nationalist ideals of liberty and freedom to homosexuality is now well known within queer anthropology as well as wider queer…

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